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Gibbs-Donnan EquilibriumG-Protein Signal TransductionNeuron Information Coding and TransferMuscle Structure and Contraction

Early copies of the animations presented here were available on my academic website, along with descriptive text. They received many comments from students and educators from around the world concerning their usefulness in helping to understand physiological and biochemical processes. 

A few of those comments are presented:

General Comments:

The animations are an excellent tool to summarize and integrate the knowledge acquired in each unit.  If a picture is worth a thousandwords, these animations are worth a million.  I cannot imagine nowteaching Insect Physiology without them. The students truly "get it"after watching them.  Dr. Keeley did a wonderful job for all of us teaching physiology, toxicology and molecular insect science.   

- Dr. Patricia Pietrantonio, Professor of Insect Physiology, Texas A&M University


I am an undergraduate student at UC Davis majoring in entomology.  In addition to textbooks and lectures, your animations are a wonderful tool for anyone.  I am a visual learner, and being able to see  "movement" is extremely helpful for me. The design, color and presentation of the animations, make the concepts very clear and easy to understand.  Thank you very much.

- A.C.L.


I am not a teacher but a postgraduate seeking for such illustrative information such as your animations. They are really great and helpful. Thanks!

- S.B., University clinic Vuk Vrhovac, Dugi dol 4a, Zagreb, CROATIA


As an undergraduate, I was an extremely visual learner.  Certain concepts are simply not easily explained using words alone.  Without these animations to explain physiological processes to me, I would have been completely in the dark.  Now as a graduate student, the material is more in depth and complicated.  These animations continue to help me visualize these complex processes.  They are also fantastic tools which allow teachers to cater to different learning styles.  I highly recommend them to all physiology teachers, regardless of grade level.                                                                                                           

-  S.M.B., undergraduate/graduate student, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University

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Gibbs-Donnan Equilibrium:

I’m a student of medicine from Serbia and just want to thank you for the animation….it’s really very much helpful….

- B.


I'm teaching animal phys., a new course for me. We're just getting into neurophys and the derivation of the Nernst Equation. I found the animations you posted to be helpful in my own understanding, and will use this to help explain the phenomenon to my class.

- W.B.

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G-Protein Signal Transduction:

I am a retired academic but continue to occupy a desk in my former Biochem and Mol Biol dept.  I spent most of my employed years teaching 'Science in context' including, for instance, a course in 'Biotechnology in context'.  I have attended the occasional seminar dealing with aspects of your animation's topic and also briefly read about it in Alberts et al.

I found your animation, mentioned to me by a colleague, quite simply 'bloody brilliant'.  I shall return to Alberts et al and then spend a leisurely hour or so with the animation again in the near future and, for the first time, feel confident of gaining an understanding all of sorts of things that I have wondered about but never before satisfactorily sorted out.

I am therefore not using your animation for teaching in the ordinary sense.  But I have begun to use it to teach myself, and feel enormously impressed with its likely effectiveness as a (1) motivator, as a (2) source of explanation and also as a (3) source of actual retention, always a problem, especially for a 66 year-old-mind.

- J.E.


I liked your G-protein movie greatly.  I would like to show it to my medical school class in physiology as a teaching tool to underscore my lecture if you don’t mind.                                                                                                 -

- C.R., Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Hello, I’m a student taking an endocrinology class via distance learning.  As such, classroom instruction can be very limited.  … Your website is awesome at explaining what occurs.  I will definitely be recommending it to my instructor.

- C.


Hi … I am studying Cell + Molecular Biology at Aston University in England. I would just like to thank you quickly, I came across your website and until watching your movie had never fully understood the whole process of signal transduction by G proteins. It was very clear and to the point, and I am now hoping that it comes up in my exams!

thanks again,

- J.S.


I am a student in UBC and the animation my professor showed us in the lecture was way too fast. Therefore, I really appreciate your animation, because it's divided into various steps. I have no problem understanding it after watching it a few times. I like it how you can pause and think.

- A.A.


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Neuron Information Coding and Transfer:

I'm a student at Stony Brook University. I found your website on neurons extremely helpful. I wish my textbook only looked like your presentations. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work.

- V.P.


I wanted to inform you that your site has been immensely helpful in teaching the neuronal processes. The grasshopper model is significantly helpful in understanding the transmission process of tactile stimulus from one neuron to another.

- C.M.D.

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Muscle Structure and Contraction:

… I'm … 20 years out of college and just beginning a mid-lifecareer change from HR manager to registered nurse. … I thought I would "ease" myself back to school by taking one course at night …The course I chose was Anatomy and Physiology, … I walked out of the first class overwhelmed.  Putting nose to grindstone, I made an A on my first exam covering cell structure, tissues, and the integumentary system.  But we moved on to muscles, and I left my last class session with 25 pages of hand-written notes about a simple gesture I had previously taken completely for granted; the muscle contraction.  Despite my diligent note-taking, I just couldn't connect all the concepts.  In desperation, I turned to the Internet hoping that someone, somewhere, had posted a simple diagram.  I plugged in the search terms "actin", "myosin", "atp", and "muscle.  Well, I initially scanned through results that included plugs for creatine phosphate from self-proclaimed health sites and complicated lecture notes intended for MENSA medical students.  Then among the disappointing search results, I came across your muscle contraction animation. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!  In 30 minutes, I gained a fuller understanding of muscle contractions than I had after 5 straight nights of studying my notes and textbook.  Everything suddenly clicked as I watched your animations.  Terms like "sacomere" and

"synaptic cleft" were no longer just words, but clear and distinct parts of a process that made complete and understandable sense.

…I wanted to simply thank you for "teaching me" via this wonderful technology called the Internet. 

- JS.


I am a stay-at-home mom who is going back to school for nursing.  I have just spent an obscene amount of time reading about muscle structure and contraction in my textbook.  I happened upon your website and after viewing your animation, a lightbulb went off in my head.  Now I get it!!!


- C.V


I am a first year medical student ….  Our program uses a non-traditional curriculum, focused on patient centered learning.  …each group member is assigned a learning issue to research and present the next time we meet.  Our case this week is a patient with muscular dystrophy and my learning objective to present …the mechanism of muscle contraction.  I plan to use your animation during my presentation.  I think it is a wonderful tool to understand this physiologic concept.  Thank you,

- C. J., University of North Dakota


I just finished viewing the film you made. WOW. You have done an excellent job. I wanted to tell you that I appreciate the effort you put into this to help explain it.

- K.J.S.


Thank you so much for the use of your muscle animations.  They give a wonderful overview of the structure and function of muscle fibers that I will use in my presentation for a high school anatomy and physiology course at … Academy.

- H.E.


…by random chance, I found your animations.  Fabulous, especially the muscle contraction one.  That kind of thing (where you start at a macroscopic level and then go down through the microscopic levels) gives students the ability to visualize exactly the kind of thing that many of them have a really hard time imagining in their heads.

- J.H., Seattle Central Community College


…I'm a university student in Australia, I just thought I'd email you to say thank you for creating such an excellent animation (the muscle one- I'm not sure how many others you have) I found it to be incredible useful. Most animations are hard to follow and too brief, yours was so detailed and clear, it really helped me to understand how muscle cells actually work.

- J.D.


I'm using your muscle structure and function animation with my AP Biology class.  Great graphics!  I couldn't explain it as well just by myself. …

- A.W., ...High School


I am using your illustrations to teach muscle contraction in a group of 100 students in Biomedical Sciences. These illustrations are well thought of, well designed, outstandingly didactic, sophisticated and yet practical. Congratulations for an outstanding achievement.

- J.B., MD, PhD, Universite de Montreal

I'm not a teacher, just a student taking A&P and trying to understand this stuff.  Your movie was wonderful!

- D.


Thank you so much for the helpful tutorials!  My only wish is that there might be more!  I have just taken a final in physiology and used your muscle contraction demonstration to prepare.  As a visual learner, I can attest to the importance of that kind of teaching.

- C.L. Student, Johns Hopkins University


I wanted to send you an email & let you know how wonderfully helpful your Muscle Structure & Contraction Animation (website) is.  I teach Anat & Phys in an Oklahoma City area high school.  I have several different formats through which I try to get my students to get some
sort of idea on muscle structure hierarchy & physiological function. Your presentation & graphics are superb.  Thanks so much for allowing us to benefit from your hard work.

- M.L.,  Science Department Chair, -- High School, Oklahoma City


I am very impressed with the muscle contraction animation.  I partricularly like the fact that it starts with an organism and goes all the way to the molecular mechanism.  I use this at Houston Community College and I link it to my Anatomy and Physiology distance education class.  ... I showed it to the students and they loved it.

- S.G., Ph.D

P.S.  I am a physiologist so I can appreciate your efforts.


Just to let you know that I provide a link to your animation for my students. I teach year 13 students A level biology in the UK. The students find it particularly useful as a plenary after being taught the various steps to muscle structure and contraction. I have also provided the link as a part of a self study unit on muscles. Thank you for an excellent resource



I have been meaning to email you for a few years. As a new professor I am still building my "bank" of resources for my  students on many topics. I typically teach ... (mutiple biology courses). I came across your animation illustrating how muscle sarcomeres move while preparing  for my first course. I knew right away that this would  benefit my students who were struggling with learning how myosin and actin "produced movement" in muscle cells.  I have used this animation for the past three years- and it  has been very popular with my students.
THANK YOU for taking the time to create such animations. It truly does help students grasp these concepts when they are attemping to learn biology for the first time.

- S.C.,  Biology Department, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada


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