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Suggestions for Using Animation Tutorials in Teaching

Flipped-Classroom — Illustrations  —  Review  —  Distance Education

Animations can be the basis for explaining a complex process in the "flipped classroom" approach to teaching.

Students study an animated tutorial of a physiological process as part of the preparation for subsequent group questions and discussion.

Animations provide a dynamic illustration of subject matter introduced in a lecture or after readings. 

Animations illustrate the dynamics of the actions that have already been described in the lecture.

Introduce the animation by telling the students what will be illustrated.

Stop the animation as it proceeds, review what was just observed and describe the next action that will occur, in context with what was presented in the lecture or readings. 

While the animation is stopped, ask for questions or discussion of what has been shown up until that time, to ensure that it is being understood.

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Make the animation available on a course website for students to access for independent study and review of the subject matter.

The videos presented here are designed to serve as a complete, independent teaching tool comparable to a classroom presentation on a specific subject.


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These tutorials are ideal for Distance Education courses.

Flash™ animations are small and delivered easily over the internet.

The animations are designed to be independent tutorials that cover a complete topic starting from the basic level and progressing to the complex.

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