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Purchase and Zip Files — Scenes and Formats —  PowerPointScripts PC vs Apple



Sales are delivered by direct downloads only. CDs and DVDs are not available.

Compressed, zip files of the videos can be obtained by a credit card purchase directly from the animation preview page (for details see - How to Buy ). The transaction is performed through PayPal — a secure business site. Once the purchase is cleared, you receive an e-mail containing a web page-link to download a zipped file containing the animation and associated information. PayPal does not require an account to make a purchase.

Contents of the zip file :

  • Animation files in either the Flash™ (.swf) format, Windows Media Video (.wmv) or MPEG4 (.mp4) formats or the Apple QuickTime (.mov) format
  • Read Me file with suggestions for using format players and for making PowerPoint slides
  • PDF script(s) of the narrative for those that want to mute my narration and discuss the video personally.
  • License Agreement

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Playing Scenes and Formats

Flash (swf) Format

Animation files in Flash™ (swf) format are set-up ready to play automatically in a browser window using the free, Adobe Flash™ player plugin that is installed on most computers.

The animations play full screen. 

These tutorials consist of multiple scenes that link and play automatically in sequence, as shown in the preview.

Play can be controlled by the user with buttons on a Control Panel located in the corner of each scene.

Via the Control Panel, the user may: start and stop play, restart the scene, jump to the next scene, or access the Scene Menu and select any scene.

Movement forward or backward is possible within a scene using the frame-slider bar.

WMV and MP4 Files

WMV and mp4 files play in the Windows Media Player that is usually installed on all PCs. Scenes do not have interactivity nor do they link, as do the Flash™ .swf scenes. Each scene plays independently. The Windows Media Player does allow scrolling forward or back within the scene.

MOV Files

MOV files play in the Apple Quicktime player. They also do not have interactivity nor link. Each scene plays independently. The QuickTime player does allow scrolling forward or back within a scene.

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Making PowerPoint Slides

With Flash™ (.swf) Files

Flash™.swf files play in PowerPoint slides by inserting a URL-link to the Flash™ file name.   During presentation, the URL link is displayed in the slide and selection of the link opens a Flash™ Player of the scene — over the slide. Detailed instructions for making slides with Flash™ animations are described in the Read Me file that is provided with the animations.

With WMV and MP4 Files

WMV and MP4 files insert directly into PowerPoint slides and play full screen within the slide. Each scene is a single slide. In my experience, these formats are preferable for PowerPoint slides.

Note: The wmv, mp4 and mov zip files are much larger than the Flash™ zip files and require a broadband connection for download.

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Scripts and Narrations

All animations are fully narrated in English, unless specified otherwise. 

PDF files of the scripts are provided.  The scripts provide the narrative for educators that may wish to "mute" my description, and present their own description of the subject matter during a lecture.

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PC versus Apple

Apple Quicktime versions (.m0v) of the videos are being prepared and will be offered as they become available.


Please read How to Buy for details regarding possible Purchase Orders from institutions.

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