Terms of Agreement for Individual Users

The enclosed animations are copyrighted and owned by PhysioViva Educational Animations (PVEA). The copyright is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, Washington, D.C.

By opening and using these animations you agree to the following terms:

Now, therefore, PVEA grants to (Purchaser) a royalty-free license for personal use of said software for educational presentations.

It is agreed:
1. The Software (animations) shall not knowingly be distributed or sublicensed to third parties for commercial purposes, nor sold, traded, given away or modified.

2. PVEA retains all right, title and interest in the Software and Copyright. Copyright notices or trademarks of PVEA shall not be removed from the Software.

3. Use of the Software will be limited to educational presentations in classrooms, seminars or scientific meetings, or on an intranet, or the Internet as specified below, item 5.

4. The Software may not be published electronically or presented publicly on the internet over the World-Wide Web on personal or institutional websites.

5.a. The Software may be presented, for educational purposes, on a private computer or an intranet server with a restricted access (e.g. a network such as within an educational, commercial, government, or other institution), or

b. On a public, personal Website or institutional server using a password as protection, for restricted public viewing.  For example, the Software may be presented on a password-protected portion of an internet website for use as a tutorial or for distance education by students registered in a specific course.

6. PVEA reserves the right to revise the Software at any time and to issue a revised version at its sole discretion.

7. Warranty Disclaimer and Liability Limitations: PVEA animations are distributed “AS IS” without warranty of any kind, express or implied. PVEA animations are not guaranteed that they will operate error-free or without interruption on all systems, or at all times. In no event shall PVEA be liable for any consequential or financial damage or loss arising from use of, or inability to use, the animations, under any situations or conditions.

8. PVEA will replace defective software, or return the purchase price for returned software, minus shipping and handling.