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PhysioViva Educational Animations is a sole owner, web-based business with the goal to develop and offer to educators, animations of physiological and biochemical processes for use in teaching Life Sciences.  For 37 years, I was Professor of Insect Physiologyand Biochemistry in the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University.  I taught both graduate and undergraduate insect physiology and performed research in endocrinology and neurobiology.  When I retired, I wanted to continue to contribute to biology education.  Computer drawing and animation has become my hobby, and I have combined my hobby with my love of the biological sciences to develop educational animations to assist biology educators in illustrating the principles of animal physiology and biochemistry. 

The name "PhysioViva" is derived from physiology and viva — Latin for “animated” or “lively”. The goal of the animations is to bring PHYSIOLOGY to LIFE for students.  The logo is based on insect instars (larva, pupa and adult).  It uses the insect physiologist's favorite “white rat”, the tobacco hornworm, as its example.  In the logo, each instar resides within its distinctive subsequent instar as a symbolic depiction of metamorphosis — the dramatic physiological transitions of insect growth and development.

Because my  specialty was insects, many of my animations use insects as models to illustrate physiological processes. Many basic physiological processes (e.g. nervous information transfer, striated muscle structure and contraction) take place in insects in the same manner as they do in other animals, so that describing them with an insect model is applicable to other animals.  In cases where the physiological systems are unique to insects, I offer either videos describing the insect-specific events or comparative videos that describe how insects and vertebrates differ. The distinctions are clearly separated in my Animations Menu.

Although there are many versions of computer animations of similar subjects on YouTube, including my own, some students and educators wish to have a copy to use in special cases such as seminars or to integrate into their teaching and for audiences where internet connectivity may not be convenient. For these reasons, I offer the videos available on this site.

— L. Keeley

“Nature is the Art of God” - Dante Alighieri

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